If you live in Flagstaff, the cheapest way to get To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter is to order here and leave a note in the “order notes” below to let us know you will attend one of our events. We’ll get in touch about delivering your order there. Local pickup (or delivery) is also the only option when you buy a Linda Sherman print.

We’re offering free shipping on books between now and Winter Soulstice (yes, we’re spelling it that way!) within the United States. We can also ship books to Canada (but that’s not free; sorry, eh!).

If you’re buying a book, add a sticker to your order and show Imogene some extra love! Stickers are only available as add-ons to book orders (not shipped separately). We have four designs: I-HEART-Imogene ($3), Soul of the Runner ($1.50), I Dream of Imogene ($1.50), Imagine Imogene ($1.50).

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