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About Soulstice

Soulstice Publishing brings to life “books with soul” that inspire readers with stories of human potential realized and celebrate our unique position in the Southwest.

Our logo, designed by Flagstaff graphic designer Mary Ross, is the Common Raven. We were inspired by the raven’s intelligence, curiosity, and attention to detail, qualities we’d like to bring to our work.

Our company was founded by professional editors who enjoy working together and with authors to create “books with soul.” Learn more about Myles Schrag and Julie Hammonds at our About the Publishers page.

Soulstice took root in our mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona, which sits at the base of the San Francisco Peaks, on homelands sacred to Native Americans throughout the region. We honor their past, present, and future generations, as well as their original and ongoing care for the lands we also hold dear.

Surrounded by ponderosa pines, enriched by diverse cultures, and inspired by the optimistic Western spirit, Flagstaff abounds with scientists, artists, athletes, and many other people who love the outdoors. It is quite an inspiring place to live. Considering the dearth of oxygen at our 7,000-foot elevation, you might say it leaves us breathless.

If you think we can help you turn your dream of publication into reality, contact us! We’d love to talk with you.