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Linda Sherman’s Prints

A limited-edition run, only available here.

  • Runners on the uphill part of the Imogene Pass Run

Linda Sherman’s Watercolor Prints

A watercolor artist based in Flagstaff and southern Colorado, Linda Sherman has been painting since 1992. She’s also an Imogene Pass runner, having completed four IPRs. She’s the current age-group record-holder for 75+ and the oldest woman to have completed the race.

We’re honored to be presenting limited-edition prints of two original watercolors Linda painted just for the book To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter. Only 171 (get it? 17.1?) have been produced of “Uphill” and “Downhill.” Due to their unusual size, these can’t be shipped, but we can deliver them in Flagstaff. Click one of these links, or find the thumbnail below. We also offer the prints in combination with the book itself.

And if you’re in the market for something really special, how about this set of signed prints, beautifully matted and framed in Flagstaff by Aficionado Framing? Signed and framed Sherman prints