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"To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter" celebrates one town's long-distance romance with an iconic trail run. Don't miss out. Order today!

The Imogene Project

Flagstaff is home to a large and devoted running community (including Soulstice co-founders Myles and Julie). Locals run every surface from track to trail and every distance from 5K to ultra. We run on our own, with groups, and in competition. And people come from across the globe to train up here at 7,000 feet. This town is home and host to national champions and Olympians, as well as scads of regular people who just like to run.

To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter

This book project was sparked by our inspiring running community and its unique relationship with Colorado’s Imogene Pass Run. For many years, Flagstaff has sent more runners to that iconic trail race between Ouray and Telluride than any other town—including any town in Colorado.

Myles started to wonder why. He asked the question in High Country Running, his weekly column in the Arizona Daily Sun. It turned out there were as many answers as there are Flagstaff runners who’ve made it across 13,114-foot Imogene Pass.

To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter is filled with personal stories, photos, illustrations, and full-color memories that intimately show what the Imogene race means to Flagstaff, and in turn what Flagstaff gives to the race.

Available for preorder!

The book is at the printer and due for publication in early September. Preorder one or a dozen (or more!) and get your copies the moment they’re available. We’re also offering prints of two watercolors created just for this project. Preorder now!

Come to the book launch party

Come to Dark Sky Brewing (117 N. Beaver St. in Flagstaff) to celebrate the launch of “To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter.” Eat, drink, get your book and share your Imogene Pass Run stories with a hometown crowd just days before the 2019 IPR. Wear your Imogene shirt if you have one! Please RSVP here: https://forms.gle/DEAqu8X1EVGB2bTW8

Learn about the Flagstaff+Imogene project

There’s a whole community behind this book project, and our gratitude goes out to everyone who has supported it, whether by contributing stories and photos, cheering us on the steep trail uphill toward publication, or offering financial support via the Flagstaff Imogene Circle.

To find out who contributed stories and photos and learn more about the artistic team that brought this project to life, visit our Imogene team page. We’ve also listed every single person named in the book, from running buddies and crew to family and friends (with a few writers and basketball stars thrown in!).

Enter a drawing to win an original watercolor

Flagstaff artist Linda Sherman is an Imogene runner (and age-group record-holder) whose watercolors of the southern Rockies and the run itself tell the Imogene story beautifully. Linda created two gorgeous watercolors just for this project, one of the uphill side and one of the downhill. Enter a drawing to win “Downhill” for your very own! You can also purchase prints of both “Downhill” and “Uphill” in our Shop.

“Downhill” by Linda Sherman

BLE Flagstaff

To give back to the community that is making this book possible, we’ve chosen to donate 10% of net sales to BLE Flagstaff. This nonprofit organization performs random acts of kindness with the intent to make a positive difference in the community. These acts can take many unexpected forms and include anyone. BLE Flagstaff believes that through kindness, we can all “pay it forward” and help create a culture of giving that can benefit all of us.

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