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The Power of Partnerships

At Soulstice, we use a partnership publishing model with our authors and arts patrons. This means the author (and sometimes a sponsor) subsidizes publication costs in return for a higher share of sales proceeds and greater involvement at every step in creating their “book with soul.”

As Soulstice’s Founding Partners, Julie and Myles welcome authors and arts patrons alike to share our publishing journey.

Sometimes the author takes on all the costs. Other times, they find a partner or sponsor who believes in their vision and wants to see that book reach its audience.

Partnerships in action

Walking Flagstaff, a Photo Journal by George Breed, is an example of the power of partnerships. The project was funded in 2020 with backing from more than 200 patrons on Kickstarter. These fans of George’s photography made his dream of publication come true.

“Walking Flagstaff” on the “New and Notable” table at Bright Side Bookshop in Flagstaff

Chasing Excellence: The Remarkable Life and Inspiring Vigilosophy of Coach Joe I. Vigil is another example of the power of partnerships. Many people believed that a book should be made from Vigil’s inspiring life story, which took him from a boyhood in a small Colorado town to the pinnacle of the coaching world. Runner and journalist Pat Melgares wanted to write this project for Coach.

Private partners and Adams State University provided some of the project funding. Soulstice and Melgares give a portion of net income to a scholarship for runners at Adams State. The result is an inspiring, and award-winning, “book with soul.”

Coach Vigil and Olympic Medalist Deena Kastor at a booksigning in Eugene, Oregon.

How partners benefit

Every partner has unique needs and interests in backing a project. With support from Soulstice, the author identifies and talks with potential Publishing Partners to find the right fit. If you’re a potential partner, we want to know how we can help you. That might be a share of the royalty, marketing exposure in connection with the project, your name or an “ad” that fits seamlessly into the book, or possibly just because you want to support the arts, an individual artist, or a topic. Each partnership is unique because it is based on meeting a particular benefactor’s needs. Tell us how you want to be involved!

If you become our Publishing Partner, you’ll get to see how ideas become books. Plus: you get the satisfaction of helping an author on their journey. It’s a fun, challenging process. Won’t you join us? Contact Soulstice for details.

Partner with Soulstice and its authors

We are actively seeking arts patrons who might be interested in supporting an upcoming project.

Return to this page regularly. We will continue to update it as our discussions with authors evolve:

Project: How did the Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks become five-time national champions in cross country? Due out in 2023, Running Up the Mountain: Northern Arizona Altitude, Lumberjack Attitude, and the Building of a Distance Dynasty tells the story of a scrappy team in a mountain town. Artists: Writer and NAU alum Matt Baxter is telling this amazing story with legendary NAU coach Ron Mann. The soul of the project: It’s in a small and ever-changing band of brothers who believe in what they can do and make everyone else believe it, too. Publishing Partners: We think runners, coaches, running fans, readers of Running With the Buffaloes, the NAU Athletics program and its supporters might want to help get this project to the finish line. Contact project manager Myles Schrag for a behind-the-scenes tour.

[credit: Cody Bashore, Arizona Daily Sun, 2018]

Project: This collection of spectacular photographs showcases the wildlife in Arizona’s “little Serengeti,” a vast wet meadow south of Flagstaff. Artist: Bill Ferris, a dedicated and insightful photographer, has devoted years of attention to taking these pictures of elk, pronghorn, raptors, and other critters. (billferris.photoshelter.com) The soul of this project: Bill has come to know Lake Mary Road and its environs very well. His appreciation for wildlife is evident in the beauty of his photos and the way they show us the intimate details of daily life among animals and birds. Publishing Partners: This project is ideal for people who love wildlife, run ecotourism businesses in Flagstaff, enjoy birding, take photographs themselves, or are conservation-minded. Contact project manager Julie Hammonds to learn more.

Project: In the 1970s, world-record holder Filbert Bayi transformed middle-distance running through persistent confidence, commitment, and sacrifice in the face of hardships. It’s time his life story was told. Artists: Soulstice co-founder Myles Schrag worked with Filbert to get his story down on paper in words and pictures. Catch Me If You Can: Revolutionizing My Sport, Breaking World Records, and Creating a Legacy for Tanzania is due for worldwide publication in the summer of 2022. The soul of the project: Bayi’s blistering pace energized his sport in the 1970s and changed how middle distances are run. Then, with his wife, Anna, he established Filbert Bayi Schools and the Filbert Bayi Foundation in Kibaha, Tanzania, which has educated thousands of students and created an even larger legacy for Bayi off the track. Publishing Partners: We think runners, coaches, running fans, history buffs, BIPOC advocates, and readers of Chasing Excellence might want to help assure Filbert’s legacy in print. One desired outcome for this project is an all-weather training track for Bayi’s school. Contact project manager Myles Schrag for a behind-the-scenes tour.