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Writers invited to visit Barbed Backstage in a January workshop

A memoirist and her publisher recount what it took to make her memoir ~ and support you in making yours

On January 18, 2023, we’re going to try something new. We invite aspiring memoirists to join us in a frank discussion of what it takes to make a memoir. We’ll share how we made Barbed: A Memoir together. And we’ll answer your questions and provide support on your journey toward creating a memoir of your own.

This 90-minute workshop led by memoirist Julie Morrison and publisher Julie Hammonds will include four sections:
● tips for telling your story from one writer’s point of view;
● a publisher’s perspective on how she selects stories and develops them into books;
● a behind-the-scenes recounting of how Barbed: A Memoir became a book (from the story draft to the bookstore shelf);
● an interactive question-and-answer session in which participants can ask for advice and next steps for your own memoir

90 minutes, 4 sections, 2 Julies, 1 copy of Barbed: $49.95

UPDATE: The January 18 workshop is now closed to new participants. If you’re interested in future workshops, send an email to connect@soulsticepublishing.com.

Once you sign up:
● Soulstice will send you a copy of Barbed: A Memoir, which will serve as the session’s textbook. Reading it is encouraged(!) and will help you get the most from this workshop, but if time does not permit a full read, please flip through it enough to be familiar with its narrative style and plot structure.
● Soulstice will also send you an email with a pre-workshop survey that will allow the workshop leaders to get to know you and your writing better. Filling it out will help us focus on your questions, so please tell us about your interests!

If you’re an aspiring or interested memoirist age 18 or older, please join us! No writing experience or manuscript required. Ideas and questions welcome!

(This session is information only, and not an event fielding queries for publication, though
Soulstice is accepting submissions. To learn more about becoming a Soulstice author, please visit here.)

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