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George Breed’s Book “Walking Flagstaff”

A wise man by the name of George Breed gave away his car in 2009 and took to walking Flagstaff, camera in hand, seeking moments and details that tell the stories of our mountain town.

Soulstice partnered with George to create a book celebrating his quirky vision. Printed on high-quality paper between hard covers, it is a meaningful keepsake for those who want to experience this mountain town (and its back alleys and byways) through George’s photos and words. The book was published in 2020.

The cover of Walking Flagstaff features a mural painted by Sky Black and Mural Mice Universal artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar.

In 2021, we made a limited number of photo prints by George Breed available for sale. These are collector-worthy giclee prints produced by the experts at Muzeo in Scottsdale. Printed at 5.5 inches by 7 inches on 8×10 paper, each one is signed by George Breed.

Angler at Frances Short Pond (c) George Breed

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