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George Breed Photo Prints

Museum-quality prints from the artist who created the book Walking Flagstaff

–For a limited time only—

Due to customer demand, George Breed is making several of the photos from the pages of his book Walking Flagstaff available as stand-alone prints. Scroll through the slideshow above to see the current offerings.

These are collector-worthy giclee prints produced by the experts at Muzeo in Scottsdale. Printed at 5.5 inches by 7 inches on 8×10 paper, each one is signed by George Breed.

George has never sold his prints as stand-alone products before, and Soulstice is his exclusive representative. We are releasing one print each Monday, from Fall Equinox 2021 through the week of Winter “Soulstice.” Buy one or collect them all!

“Rio de Flag Bridge”


Cat at the Door”

“Jake’s Shed”

“Grand Canyon Cafe”

“Macy’s European Coffeehouse & Cafe Sign”

“Chip Thomas’s Power Mural”

“Frances Short Pond Beneath a Clear Blue Sky”


“Mission Ice Cream Mural”

“Utensils in the Kitchen Window”

“Clouds Above the San Francisco Peaks”

“Old Truck in Snow”

“Piano Player”