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To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter chronicles the (one big) up and (one big) down of an intimate relationship—that between the town of Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Imogene Pass Run in western Colorado. In this inspiring collection, more than 70 contributors confide—in essays, poems, quips, photos, selfies, and emails—their personal encounters with Imogene. With exclusive watercolors by runner/painter Linda Sherman and more than 100 full-color photos and illustrations, these pages provide entertaining, poignant, and transformative perspectives into a unique bond shared between town and race. (hardcover, 207 pages) Add a sticker to your book order and show Imogene some extra love! We have five designs: 17.1 / Flagstaff, the Running Nation ($1.50),
I-HEART-Imogene ($3), Soul of the Runner ($1.50), I Dream of Imogene ($1.50), Imagine Imogene ($1.50).

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