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George Breed: Walking Flagstaff

December 12, 2020 update: Walking Flagstaff is now on sale here and at Bright Side Bookshop!

A wise man by the name of George Breed gave away his car in 2009 and took to walking Flagstaff, camera in hand, seeking moments and details that tell the stories of our mountain town.

We’re excited to be partnering with George to create a book that celebrates the vision of this unique artist. Printed on high-quality paper between hard covers, it will be a meaningful keepsake for those who want to experience this mountain town (and its back alleys and byways) through George’s photos and words.

Because George is such a beloved member of the Flagstaff community, his book was quickly crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Walking Flagstaff was designed over the summer of 2020 by Flagstaff-based designer Rudy Ramos. It was printed in the USA and published December 12, 2020.

The cover of Walking Flagstaff, which will be available in December 2020. The mural was painted by Sky Black and Mural Mice Universal artists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar.

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Angler at Frances Short Pond (c) George Breed

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  1. Devonna Ellen Mcrae Preston

    Thank you with all my heart…
    For over a decade I have been inspired with George writing’s…now his wonderful soulful photo book!

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