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Meet Sage, who thinks he’s the star of “Barbed: A Memoir”

Sage the mustang is getting his moment of fame. Morrison made the charismatic pinto the central character in the book trailer for her new book, Barbed: A Memoir. Morrison, an avid horsewoman, wrote the trailer script as a conversation between her and the horse.

Sage is one of the equine stars of Barbed: A Memoir

Don’t tell Sage, but he’s just one of many equine stars of Barbed: A Memoir, which goes on sale nationally today.

Sage, his pal Cheyenne, and other horses helped Morrison survive and thrive through the difficult years she describes in Barbed. In its pages, she reveals what happened as she and her husband tried to help her parents save their working northern Arizona cattle ranch.

“Julie Morrison writes beautifully about the connections she made with horses and the ways those relationships both challenged and sustained her,” says book editor Julie Hammonds. “When she told me she wanted a horse-shaped cloud on the book cover, I understood why. But if Sage had his way, I’m sure that cloud horse would have been white and brown.”

book cover
Barbed is a memoir of personal transformation, set on a northern Arizona ranch.

Barbed is available from Soulstice Publishing, the independent bookstore in your town, Bookshop.org, and online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. (288 pages; paperback, $19.95; ebook $9.99)

View the book trailer on YouTube or share the link: https://youtu.be/2SnsmV1Jn9A

Learn more about Julie Morrison at her website.

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