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A memoir about heart, horses, and husbandry.

“In language alternately gritty and gossamer, first-time author Julie Morrison puts us in her boots.”

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Barbed is a memoir of personal transformation, set on a northern Arizona ranch.

Soulstice Publishing is proud to introduce first-time author Julie Morrison, whose memoir of trying to save a family-owned ranch gripped our attention from page one.

Morrison is an Arizonan, horsewoman, dog person, and writer of truth-telling poetry and poetical prose. In Barbed, she reveals what happened as she and her husband tried to help her parents save their working northern Arizona cattle ranch from going under.

We fell in love with her honest, evocative storytelling and her poetical writing voice. We think readers who enjoyed memoirs such as Wild will enjoy this tale of personal transformation set on a 21st-century family ranch.

It’s an unusual love story, in which the objects of devotion are hard-working horses and iconic western vistas. Entangled in the barbs of ranching and relationships, Julie became an expert in assessing what’s essential. Her journey inspired us, and we think it will encourage readers to bravely blaze their own trails to a future only they can create.

Barbed is available for preorder from Soulstice, right here, right now, by clicking the “Buy It Here” button. When you preorder directly from us, you can trust that you will be among the first to read this special book.

Our books are distributed to the book trade by Small Press United. When the book goes on sale to the public in November, it will be available from the independent bookstore in your town, on Bookshop.org, and at online retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. (288 pages; paperback, $19.95; ebook $9.99)

Learn more about Julie Morrison at her website.

“A brave, bewildered would-be rancher, Morrison weaves a tale from filaments both fragile and tough as leather. Gulp this down!”

–LISA SCHNEBLY HEIDINGER, author of “The Journal of Sedona Schnebly”

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