Our Services

Why work with Soulstice Publishing?

To find a path to publication.

Authors and potential authors come to us for help shaping ideas into book projects and then turning those ideas into published books.

We can publish your book ourselves or help you find a publisher if your particular idea isn’t the right fit for Soulstice. We study today’s publishing industry so we can give sound advice on how and where to get your book into print.

To prepare your work for its readers.

When you publish a book with Soulstice, you work with a lead editor who will help you say what you mean in a way that sharpens your authentic writing voice.

When many people think of editors, they remember a scary teacher with a list of rules and a sharp red pen. We’re not that kind of editor. Sure, we know the rules and why they’re there. We also know when to break them. As editors, we strive to be supportive, effective coaches. You never knew being edited could be fun, did you?

There are several different levels of editing, from developing an idea to digging deep into text to giving your work a final polish. We collaborate with you to meet the needs of your book. We can also find you a proofreader, when your work is ready to be perfected for publication.

To tell your story, your way.

Some people have excellent ideas or have lived extraordinary lives but know they don’t have the time or interest in doing the writing. We occasionally provide ghostwriting services if you want this additional level of editorial support for your story waiting to be told.

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