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The Imogene Team

To Imogene, a Flagstaff Love Letter was sparked by Flagstaff’s inspiring running community and its unique relationship with Colorado’s Imogene Pass Run. More than 70 people—writers and runners and editors and artists—made this book idea a reality.

“Uphill” Watercolor by Linda Sherman

The creative team

Three Flagstaff artists brought this book to life:

Graphic designer Mary Ross gave the book its friendly, natural look and feel.

Illustrator Krista Esse created fun and colorful illustrations for its pages.

Watercolor artist Linda Sherman, an Imogene runner (and holder of an age-group record), contributed her watercolors of southwestern Colorado and painted two brand-new watercolors of the race itself just for this book.

cheering for the Imogene team

Imogene stories and photos came from:

Abe Springer Eric Bohn Nat White
Adair Scantlebury Ian Torrence Neil Weintraub
Adam Owens Jason Wolfe Nick Irvine
Al Hendricks Jenny McCarthy Patti Quigley
Alicia Hendricks Jerry Diehl Paula Pluta
Amy Horn Jim Straight Rachel (Taber) Hart
Andrew Benford Joanne Keene Randy Marlatt
Anne Leota Hart John Whipple Rich Haag
Beverly Tew Josh Biggs Rory Faust
Camille Paulin Julie Hammonds Ryan Stevens
Carrie ButlerKate McGee Sara Knight
Chris GomezKermit Smith Sara Wagner
Christopher McQuiveyKristina Lee Kaiser Sarah Hendricks
Chrissy SpeerLinda Sherman Sharon Moore
Cristy ZellerLiz Brauer Sheri Young
Claudine TaillacMargaret Montfort Staci Whitman
Cory (Sheeley) RoberdeauMarsha Jensen Steve Sue
Dara Marks MarinoMary Mohr Stewart Aitchison
Darlene RyanMatt Brydenthal Susie Garretson
Dawn BegleyMelody Delmar Tess Siemens
M. Elise RumpfMichael Olson Todd Schultz
Emily Harrison TorrenceMonica Baker Tony Mangine
Emily HoppeMyles SchragWalt Taylor
Emy Tice Nancy Taylor

The Flagstaff Imogene Circle

There’s a whole community behind the Flagstaff+Imogene project, and our gratitude goes out to everyone who supports it, whether by contributing stories and photos, cheering us on the steep trail uphill toward publication, or offering financial support. To see who’s supporting this project, read on!