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The Flagstaff Imogene Circle

"Touch the Sky" illustration by Krista Esse
“Touch the Sky” illustration by Krista Nicole

Our gratitude goes out to everyone who supports the Flagstaff+Imogene project, whether by contributing stories and photos, cheering us on the steep trail uphill toward publication, or offering financial support.

Sponsorships came from Nick Irvine at Dark Sky Brewing (host of the book launch party), Annette Avery at Bright Side Bookshop, Bernadette Chavez at Mama Burger, and Caleb Schiff at Pizzicletta.

We invited people who’ve been touched by Flagstaff’s long-distance romance with Imogene to help cover the up-front expenses of publishing this beautiful book. This select group of benefactors—the Flagstaff Imogene Circle—provided a gift or loan to take this project across the finish line. If you’re interested in joining the circle, send us an email!

Our financial supporters (who’ve agreed to be named) include:

Hey, all you Imogene Pass runners, “Touch the Sky.”

~Cordasco Family
  • Neil Weintraub and the Northern Arizona Trail Runners Association, LLC
  • Rich Haag
  • Beverly Tew
  • Liz Brauer and Anne Leota Hart
  • Susie Garretson
  • Nat White
  • Paul Brinkmann

In recognition of everyone who picks up a pen and endeavors to achieve success with the craft of writing, and in honor of my father, Joe Lincoln. He loved to fly, he wrote eloquently about flying, and his further writings inspired me to live in Flagstaff.

~Camille Paulin
  • Alain Soutenet and Elisa Andreis
  • Paula Pluta and Jef Abramowitz
  • Catherine Bell
  • Jim Hammonds

From courtroom trials to running trails, from Imogene to Ironman, we’re in it for the long haul with our Flagstaff community. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all.

~Ryan Stevens and Bruce Griffen