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Soulstice Stories is the fiction imprint of Soulstice Publishing. When you look west with Soulstice Stories, you enter creative worlds in which memorable characters face adventures and challenges on their own frontiers. To “look west” is to dare to explore beyond the horizon. Here in Flagstaff on the Colorado Plateau, a region defined by many iconic features of the American West, we know something about the allure of wide-open landscapes. Considering the dearth of oxygen at our 7,000-foot elevation, you might say these landscapes leave us breathless—and that’s the experience we strive to share with all Soulstice readers.

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Massasauga: A novel about life, liberty, and the pursuit of delusion is the first book to be published under the Soulstice Stories imprint.

Young Jim Garrett doesn’t want to inherit his father’s Iowa newspaper—or the settled-down life that goes with it. He longs to leave home and build his own dream. It’s 1888 and he’s itching for the frontier where, as Jim believes, “a man can be anything.”

When Royal Canby, a British immigrant turned land speculator, seeks settlers for the fledgling town of Massasauga, Kansas, Jim bemoans the fact he has nothing to invest. Canby tells him there’s another way—together they’ll make Massasauga boom, and great things will come. But is Jim prepared for the political corruption, backstabbing, fraud, and violence that poisons progress on the Plains?

Massasauga is a Western for the 21st century. It probes the underbelly of what Thomas Paine called “our power to begin the world over again,” and explores why even a hero’s greatest enemy is sometimes himself. (310 pages; available here in paperback, or as an ebook via Amazon Kindle Unlimited)

A.K. Anthony spent 16 years in the newspaper business in three Western and Midwestern states. Today he teaches history and political science. He lives in Kansas. This is his first novel.

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